Test and inspection systems


Inspection technology – Test and measuring systems  – Important in all branches


Inspection technology has a special role, is important in all branches, is complex and is absolutely essential for quality control and safeguarding the process. Each product has individual test values and criteria. The technological requirements here are high. SIM Automation GmbH provides customer-specific measuring and testing plants in line with our SIM concept.
Our portfolio ranges from single measuring systems with manual assembly all the way through to fully integrated and fully automated testing plants using robots. The sky is the limit when it comes to inspections. Whether optical, acoustic or electrical systems with and without parts contact or state-of-the-art data preparation and analysis, SIM Automation GmbH offers complete solutions from a single source.


Measuring and testing systems - references:

  • Camera systems with corresponding image processing:
  • Part recognition, positioning, color and surface examination, checking for damages
  • Optical / tactile / ultrasonic tests using sensors and displacement measurement systems
  • Leakage and pressure tests 
  • Inspection and monitoring of filling level
  • Run-out properties and accuracy
  • Backlash measurement
  • Electrical tests and measurements:
  • Electrical values, check measurements, switching and opening properties


Our inspection technology is used in the pharmaceuticals industry, medical engineering and cosmetics as well as in the electronics and automotive industries, and is ready for new challenges at all times.