Assembly solutions, feeding technology and laser labelling

We are automation specialists, engineers and – above all – your partner!

To manufacture high-quality, complex products in large quantities, state-of-the-art assembly, feeding and testing technologies are required. SIM Automation GmbH develops and manufactures feeding and assembly automation systems, wich meet your special requirements, whether your business is in automotive, electrical engineering, cosmetics, medical or pharmaceutical applications or any other industry.

Feeding and sorting systems

Whether spiral conveyors, multi-lane linear sorting, parts extraction using grippers or suction devices – our feeding and sorting systems are always designed according to your individual production conditions. The SIM Feeder is an attractive solution with a very short delivery time and certain savings as well.

Laser labeLling

The traceability of individual components is important in all branches. You have the option of managing traceability either manually via a work instruction or by using a laser marking cell from SIM Automation. The portfolio is rounded off by our self-contained, high-performance laser labeling system, which ensures the traceability of your products in all conditions.

The following applies for all our products:

  • Customized to your exact requirements
  • Latest mechanical engineering technology and based on more than 60 years of experience in assembly and feeding technology
  • Quality control and processes in your production line are assured by our in-house measuring and testing facilities
  • Both our portfolio and your production line are rounded off by our laser labelling system