More than 60 years of SIM Automation – know how with tradition:


Since 1959 SIM is present - at the beginning as in-house special machinery builder for the zipper-manufacturing company Solidor, who - already in the sixties - successfully provided integrated feeding - and assembly solutions.

By focused and consequent expansion of this particular know how, we are one of the very few solution providers, who deliver consistently integrated state-of-the-art feeding systems and assembly automation solutions with an advanced variety of process modules today – and offer our mechanical engineering solutions as a service thanks to our SIM concept.

At the beginning ...

Year Milestone
1959 Construction/design office and special machine construction facilities founded in Heiligenstadt
1970 Main special machine construction facility at Solidor headquarters in Heiligenstadt
1986 Relocation to new offices and manufacturing building (now company headquarters)
1990 SIM Automation becomes an independent business division
1992 Acquisition by family Julius Thyssen Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, expansion of site and major increase in sales
1995 DIN / ISO 9001 certification


The new millennium

Year Milestone
2003 Market launch as “SIM Assembly Machines” and “SIM Feeding Technology”
2008 Commissioning of a clean room (Class C / ISO Class 7) for assembly and validation solution for the medical and pharmaceutical industry
2012 Introduction of the new product segment “Testing and inspection systems”
2014 Launch of the innovative “SIM Marker” laser marking system
2016 “SIM Drive” handling system; electrical, pneumatic or cam-controlled
2017 New software standard for fast programs and visualisations
2018 Market launch of “SIM Mini” laser marking cell
2019 Introduction of 3D printing for state-of-the-art feeding and assembly systems
2021 Acquisition of SIM Automation GmbH by PA AG Group as a nucleus of a new technology platform for assembly automation and feeding systems


Zipper-Assembly System from the sixties - made by SIM