Electrical engineering


Small parts in large quantities? Electrical engineering in particular requires very quick machines 


Large quantities are usually produced in electrical engineering, meaning the machines need to have very high cycle times. Electrical engineering is also becoming increasingly important in IT, with particularly small components required here. The machines from SIM Automation GmbH can detect even the smallest deviations of mere millimeters during sorting.

We have produced assembly and testing lines for the following components in electrical engineering (extract):

  • Instrument components
  • Step motors and servo motors
  • Quick-release clutch systems
  • Gearbox balance shafts (for checking run-out accuracy and backlash)

Assembly lines we have been involved in:

  • Plug contacts (vehicle electrical systems)
  • Industrial sockets and switches
  • Sockets / light switches
  • Electric heater control valves
  • Electric razors
  • Electric toothbrushes

Testing and inspection lines we have been involved in:

  • Electric high-performance gear components (up to 6 kV)
  • Electric central locking systems (vehicles)