Devices and components


Devices and components: The little helper with a big impact


Hoppers and belts are the most important part of a production line. While they aren’t used for production themselves, they are a great help in a finely tuned system and significantly optimize the timings. Stop and go is not the watchword, but instead non-stop. Belt hoppers, caches and conveyor belts are all particularly gentle with the product and can be integrated into an existing plant system without any problems. 


Other advantages of our belt hoppers:

  • Used for stock parts for feeding and sorting systems
  • Extension of replenishment intervals for the operating staff
  • Dosed allocation of parts
  • Gentle feeding of parts
  • Optimization of conveying characteristics on feeder devices
  • Reduction of feeder device size
  • Reduction in space needed for part allocation
  Belt bunker BB Belt bunker BB-TB60
Filling weight until 35 kg until 90 kg
Filling volume in liters 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 20, 50, 75, 100
Engine inside outside
Special feature  

quick emptying possible

SEW-worm gear motor with temperature sensor 120W

Power supply voltage   USA 3 Phases   USA 1 Phase
  24V Triangle         Star           Triangle    Star
50Hz 230V 220-240V    380-415V 
60Hz 115V 240-266V    415-460V     277V     480V     115V
Belt speed 0,1m/min 0,1m/min


We offer the following small conveyor belts:

  • With one or two tracks
  • With deflection rollers or knife edge
  • With AC/DC motor
  • Various lengths, scaffolding widths and straps


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