Laser labelling


Laser labelling with SIM laser marking systems – The magic word is traceability


We offer the entire system solution from a single source. Together with KEYENCE, we offer a good service and fast reaction times, from construction of the laser cell to integration of your chosen KEYENCE laser.

Our laser labeling systems offer self-contained and high-performance solutions for laser labeling small batches of individual parts. The “Compact”, “Rotary”, “Plus”, “Classic” and “Mini” laser marking system versions can be set up directly on a desk or mounted onto the movable base frame. By using the latest three-axis laser marking systems, we are able to offer you a laser labeling system that can be precisely adjusted to the materials and part geometries you wish to label.

The integrated optical “three-axis technology” in the SIM laser marking systems allows the focal point to be freely set and is especially impressive. This allows the marking laser to follow various shapes, easily switch between different heights (± 21 mm = 42 mm) and mark on any shape with outstanding sharpness, including on slanted surfaces, cylinders and cones.

Depending on the type of laser, the size of the labeling field varies between 120 x 120 mm and 330 x 330 mm.

Various laser marking systems are available for different types of materials, including systems with a power rating of between 13 and 50 W.

Our laser labelling systems:

  • YVO4-hybrid laser 
  • Fiber laser 
  • COlaser  
  • UV laser 

Laser labelling with SIM laser marking systems at a glance*

  Plus Classic Compact Mini Rotary
Doorway (W x H) 1000  x 505 625 x 375 400 x 270 x 320 (D)  350 x 650 220 x 185

Max. height of the part to be labeled
500 300
230 with drawer
200 Approx. 300
Dep. on laser and table
(with holder)
Overall dimensions with base frame (W x H x D) 1160 x 2080 x 1200 780 x 1932 x 960 630 x 1920 x 920 600 x 1925 x 800 820 x 2020 x 1140

*All measurements in mm, height with lamp, electronic connection = 230 V, connection for suction hose = 50 mm, viewing window 290 x 210 mm


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Special solutions:

  • Shelf
  • Extraction system
  • Turning device
  • Counter-check of DMC, barcode etc.
  • Access on side
  • Slide table
  • Increased assembly space via hood
  • Man. transfer system
  • Operation via PC or touchscreen