SIM-Marker laser labelling systems now in four versions. Compare »

Laser labelling with SIM-Marker laser labelling systems

From Compact to Plus: SIM-Marker laser labelling systems are 3-axis systems that can be precisely adjusted to the materials and part geometry to be labelled...

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Assembly systems for the electronics and automobile industries

Together with our clients, we develop assembly and testing systems that meet the high industry standards for accuracy and precision...

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SIM feeder

Our feeders for feeding head- and shaft-heavy elements work without any vibrations and do not require extensive maintenance thanks to automatic troubleshooting...

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Production lines for the pharmaceuticals industry, medical engineering and cosmetics

To construct assembly systems for these sectors and have these systems undergo final acceptance testing, all in accordance with the specific requirements of clients from these sectors, our manufacturing area is equipped with a cleanroom facility...

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Assembly automation: assembly systems

From manual work stations to fully automated assembly lines, we develop and manufacture custom machine and assembly systems for various branches of industry...

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Testing technology: Measuring and testing systems

Out custom measuring and testing systems are designed to precisely meet the quality control and process assurance standards to which your production processes are subject...

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Feeding technology: Feeding cells / Feeding systems

SIM´s feeding and sorting systems are specially adapted to the client’s components and our assembly, testing and inspection systems...


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