SIM Automation Testing-systems

Testing technology: Measuring and testing systems

We develop and manufacture custom measuring and testing systems as individual systems with manual or automated assembly using robots or linear handling units as well as complex and system-integrated measuring and testing cells.

testing systems / measuring systems

The testing and inspection systems are used in production processes for quality control and process assurance.

The most up-to-date optical, tactual, electrical and thermal measuring and testing systems are used in these systems, depending on performance requirements.

Types of testing technology – measuring and testing systems:

  • Camera systems with corresponding image processing:
    part recognition, positioning, colour and surface examination, checking for damage
  • Optical / tactual / ultrasonic tests by sensors and displacement measurement systems
  • Leakage tests
  • Pressure tests
  • Filling level control and filling level monitoring
  • Run-out properties and run-out accuracy
  • Backlash measurement
  • Electrical tests and measuring:
    Voltage, amperage, check measurement, switching and opening properties

Testing systems are used in all branches of industry including the pharmaceutical industry, medical engineering and cosmetics as well as in the electronics and automotive industries.

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