SIM Automation Feeding-technology

Feeding technology: Feeding cells and feeding systems

The SIM feeding and sorting systems ensure the reliability of our assembly, testing and inspection systems. We custom develop, design, manufacture and adapt these systems based on customer specifications and the existing assembly system.

A combination of various feeding, handling, camera and sensor systems and robots can also be used in additional to individual systems.

These systems are used in a wide variety of fields in medical engineering and in the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries as well as in the automobile sector and in electrical engineering.

Automated cells O-ring feeding and assembling Feeding by means of a spiral conveyor (bowl feeder) Multi-lane linear sorting

Feeding with a bowl feeder

  • Product-specific SIM oscillating drives
  • SIM oscillating attachments, product-specific in polyamide or in stainless steel
  • Various coatings to improve conveying characteristics and protect parts
  • CAD-built sorting elements for rapid replacement and minimal set-up time when wear is apparent or when changing the variants of the pieces to be conveyed

Feeding cells
Automatic cells and multi-lane linear sorting

  • Complete feeding system in cell format with minimal space requirement
  • Compact, closed feeding cells with up to 5 feeder units and handling modules or multi-lane parts feeding
  • Other integrated components:
    Bowl feeders, sorting lanes, buffer zones, headpiece, bunker, belts, step feeders or belt, controls, control cabinet and sensor and camera control systems
  • User-friendly part filling
  • Integration of the most diverse assembly, testing, sorting and palletising systems possible

Feeding systems for O-rings

  • Sorting and handling of dry and oiled O-rings
  • Assembly of internal and external O-rings

Scara palletiser Flexpicker palettierer Portal palettierer Tray types

Universal palletiser: Scara, flexpicker and portal versions

A palletiser for various tray sizes and tray types

  • Parts removal with gripper or vacuum
  • Less effort required for maintenance and set-up
  • High availability
  • Up to 80 cycles
  • Single or dual gripper
  • No intermission between tray changes
  • Adjustable loading table height
  • Integrated image processing
  • Parts deposition up to 600mm outside of the trestle possible
  • Also suitable for heavier parts

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