SIM Automation Assembly-technology

Assembly automation: Assembly systems

We develop and manufacture customised machines and systems for highly accurate precision assembly tasks as well as for products subject to highest design standards in terms of their forms and surfaces.

The machines and systems we manufacture are as diverse as the many sectors we supply (among them medical engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, automotive and electrical engineering), and range from manual work stations to fully automated assembly lines.

Hybrid assembly system Intelligent manual work station for windscreen water jets Linear assembly system Linear assembly system for the assembly of writing instruments

  • Workpiece-carrier circulation systems
    Horizontal and vertical workpiece-carrier circulation systems, integration of SIM workpiece-carrier accelerated in feed devices and workpiece-carrier changing systems
  • Rotary systems
    Electromechanical drive / pneumatic systems / cam mechanisms
  • Linear systems
    Electromechanical drive / pneumatic systems / cam mechanisms / loose or direct interlinking
  • Intelligent manual work stations
    Manual assembly / automated assembly, inspection and testing procedures
  • Hybrid assembly systems
    Workpiece-carrier circulation system linked to manual work stations, automated cells and feeding systems / decentralised and flexible assembly lines / variably expandable through to fully automated
  • One-piece flow / Lean production
    Highly flexible assembly concepts for small quantities and small batch sizes for changing product types, higher ratio of worker-related work content and responsibility

Additional systems in assembly systems

Rotary assembly machine Rotary assembly machine Workpiece-carrier circulation system assembly line for boot lid locks Workpiece-carrier circulation system assembly line for oil pumps

Product-specific assembly, joining, measuring, testing and handling systems can be used in all equipment concepts and combinations.

  • Joining, screwing, gluing, riveting, welding (laser, ultrasonic, resistance)
  • Testing, measuring, examining (optically, tactually, electrically, thermally)
  • Robots
  • Linear systems (pneumatic, electrical, mechanical)
  • Cam-controlled drives, linear and handling systems

A wide range of SIM’s own feeding, sorting and palletising systems are available for parts feeding.

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