SIM Automation Pharma-medical-cosmetics

Production lines for the pharmaceuticals industry, medical engineering and cosmetics

Assembly, testing and feeding systems in the medical engineering and pharmaceutical diagnostics industry require the highest degree of technological precision and cleanliness. To address our clients’ requirements, we created a class C / ISO class 7 cleanroom in our manufacturing area with an assembly area of 420 m² in 2008.

Zuführtechnik für die Medizintechnik und Pharmaindustrie

Types of assembly systems (medical engineering):

Assembly and inspection lines for:

  • Fibre and panel membrane filters
  • Injection and infusion systems
  • Tablet storage and packaging
  • Flacons
  • Flacon screw caps
  • Lipstick and mascara containers

Assembly lines for:

  • Infarction tester / Rapid blood test
  • Sterile screw caps / Membrane seal systems
  • Components for inhalers
  • Surgical disposable razors

Testing and inspection lines for:

  • Pacemakers
  • Dialysis filters
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