SIM Automation Concepts

Creative system concepts

We provide you with customised equipment as well as testing and feeding systems that are tailored to your needs. The flexibility, modularity and reliability of these products ensure a high-level of performance.

We help you to produce high-quality products in a cost-effective manner.

Creative System Concepts

Custom concepts with expert consultancy and analysis

  • Continuous project management
  • Experienced and dedicated employees who analyse your assembly processes within the framework of a comprehensive concept and proposal preparation
  • Joint development of production processes and assembly-compliant product design
  • Employees who, with their product and technological expertise, work with you to develop an assembly concept that optimally suits your product and your company;
  • A project leader who will guide you through all project phases

The SIM concept

We strive to build long-term and fair relationships with our customers. This is how expertise, consultancy and trust are turned into mutual success.

SIM Creative Concepts
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