SIM Automation History


Feeding and assembly technology since 1959

Slider assembly machine Direct cabling machine Zip fastener manufacturing machine Assembly machine for 2-piece zip pullerZip fastener manufacturing machine

1959 Construction/design office and special engineering founded in Heiligenstadt

1970 Central special engineering at head plant Solidor in Heiligenstadt expanded

1986 Relocation to the new office and manufacturing building, today’s corporate headquarters

Assembly machine for 3-piece zip puller Eccentric press Basic design of universal assembly machines Assembly machine 1990

1990 SIM Automation becomes an autonomous business division

1992 Purchase by Familie Julius Thyssen Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

1995 DIN / ISO 9001 certification

Assembly machine for special anchor bolts Zink die casting machine Assembly machine for door fittings MAssembly machine with integrated feeding technology

2003 Market launch as „SIM assembly machines“ and „SIM Zuführtechnik“

2008 Inauguration of a clean room (class C / ISO class 7) for the assembly and validation of equipment for medical engineering and the pharmaceuticals industry

Since 2008 Increased international business focus

2012 Establishment of the new product segment „testing and inspection systems“

2014 Introduction of innovative laser marking „SIM Marker“

2015 Presentation of the new screw feeding system „SIM Feeder“

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